Fast Lane Wild Fire RC

Another great innovation by Toys R Us, the Fast Lane Wild Fire RC speaks true to its name. It is indeed wild and definitely on fire. Your child can have the time of his life riding this brand new toy with lots of great features to make one hell of a ride.

The Fast Lane Wild Fire RC is a remote controlled monster truck great for rough terrains on or off the road. It is the perfect gift for any little boy who loves to play rough and rowdy and wants to ride a truck around the park. This ride is bigger than the previous rides launches in the market. In fact, kids below the age of 6 will find themselves competing to the largeness of the Fast lane Wild Fire RC.

What do you get when you buy the Fast Lane Wild Fire RC?

When you purchase he toy, you will be provided with a powerful truck, rechargeable battery and the battery charger. It is usually recommended to have a spare battery on hand in case the used one has been used up and needs to be recharged. Instead of waiting for the battery on charged, use the extra battery for continuous play.

The truck also includes a nine inch wheel for easily steering and control. Lights and sound are also incorporated to portray the actual truck as well as provide added precaution to the driver and the people around. Because of the goal to deliver fun and safety, Toys R Us made sure that full safety support are provided in each toy. The antenna is created on the exact length so as not to create any form of injury to the child. The remote control is small enough for easy manipulation of the truck.

What are the features of the Fast lane Wild Fire RC Truck?

This monster truck is a four wheel drive that can withstand even rough roads and rugged obstacles. It can conquer any type of terrain and can endure even the roughest handling and play of your child. It can even turn 360 degrees when necessary to avoid bumping and accidents. Exhaust pipes and rollbar also creates added thrill as it replicate a real truck. A light–up flame shoots out of the exhaust pipe making it more realistic.

The fast Lane Wild Fire RC Truck comes in different flashy designs to choose from. There are attractive tires and flashy themes in the truck so your child will feel that the truck is truly meant for him. Surprise him this Christmas and make it the happiest in all of his childhood.

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